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MECC Toddler Program
The toddler program ratio is one teacher for every four children.


Teachers prepare the classroom environment and provide activities designed for spontaneous exploration and discovery that build on children's strengths and interests, and support the development of knowledge and skills.

The Toddler Staff make it a priority to develop secure relationships with each family by practicing "continuity of care". Each child is assigned a teacher who will remain the primary caregiver for that child throughout their enrollment in the program.

Child development research shows that the first three years of life are very critical to brain development. During this time children's brains are being wired into patterns for emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. We will encourage brain development by providing a stress free environment where children are nurtured, held, reassured, and bonded with teachers. We will build security for the children so that they develop confidence and trust to venture forth to explore and construct knowledge as they interact with adults and children within the school environment.

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