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The environment and experiences at MECC encourage active, playful exploration and experimentation. Purposeful teaching helps children gain knowledge, and develop skills and attitudes for life-long learning.


MECC Philosophy


Children learn about sharing and friendship while under the care of responsive teachers.


 There are many ways families can be involved in the children’s program.


Project work provides an opportunity to learn about letters and develop writing skills.

We believe that:
• Children always come first; before planned curriculum, before rules, and before adult convenience.
• The best learning happens in relationships that are characterized by personal respect and caring responsiveness.
• Children learn best in environments which motivate them to want to learn.
• Curriculum is everything that happens to the child while he/she is at the center and is generated from the teachers, environment, and other children.

We use the Creative Curriculum (PDF) as a guide to implementing developmentally appropriate practice in all of our classrooms. The Creative Curriculum incorporates research from major child development theorists about how children learn and develop. The Creative Curriculum teacher creates an atmosphere in which children are safe, feel emotionally secure, and have a sense of belonging as they develop and learn through meaningful play.

Children are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning. Allowing the curriculum to emerge from the students' interests, teachers use a project-based approach when planning developmentally appropriate experiences that build upon children's skills.

Family Involvement:
We recognize the importance of keeping families informed and involved in the children's program. Teaching staff maintain communication with families regarding children's daily experiences and developmental progress in the program through written notes, newsletters, in-person, as well as telephone conversations, and email. Families are invited to formal parent-teacher conferences at least twice during the year. The teaching staff will share your child's portfolio of work samples, anecdotal notes, photographs, and developmental assessments. We use the Desired Results Developmental Profile, the California Preschool Learning Foundations, and the California Preschool Curriculum Framework as tools to ensure we are providing the best possible program for your child's continued growth and development.



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